Going Beyond The Basic Features Of Expense Reporting Software

Going Beyond The Basic Features Of Expense Reporting Software

Going Beyond The Basic Features Of Expense Reporting Software When most businesses invest in automation software to help them with various processes, the first two things they look at are price and range of features. With expense reporting software, it’s always a good idea to find a program that offers a wide range of features like:

  • Mobile access
  • Receipt imaging
  • Credit card integration
  • Currency conversion
  • And more

But as important as those features are – and they are important – it’s also worth looking a little deeper where expense reporting software is concerned. There are a few things that can help you even more than you might realize in terms of managing expenses. Here are some key things to look for beyond just high-end features.

  • Online Connectivity – By choosing online expense reporting software you not only gain access to the fullest range of features, but you also save money by avoiding high upfront costs and hardware purchases – plus, you free up your IT team since they don’t have to manage the system for you.
  • Customer Service – When an issue arises or when you aren’t fully sure of just what to do with a particular feature, good customer service can help. These days it’s far too common to get connected to a machine, but the best programs will have live customer service that is also helpful to you.
  • Ease Of Use – All those flashy features are great, but if you can’t figure out how to use them properly they’ll do little for you. The best programs will be easy to use and help you get more from the system without having to struggle to understand it.
  • Data Reports – Data reports are generally listed as a feature, but they go beyond that. When used properly, these reports can direct you towards new policies and strategies for your company, can help you identify and stop fraud, and much more. They’re a must for any business using expense reporting software and can’t be ignored.

Obviously, the way that you use your software will have a direct impact on what you need from it. But it should go well beyond just basic features – no matter how good they are. The best programs will be well-rounded and help your business in many additional ways.