Have You Standardised Your Travel Agencies?

Have You Standardised Your Travel Agencies?

Have You Standardised Your Travel Agencies?One of the most fundamental parts of sending employees off on working trips is securing transportation. If you’re just sending an employee off to a nearby city, this often means reimbursement for the gas purchased to complete the trip. But if you’re sending employees off to other regions or parts of the world, then air travel is the only viable way to get to the destination in a short enough period of time to get work done within deadlines.

This is why it’s important, when formulating an expense policy for travel to use good systems like ExpensePoint, as your expense reporting software. But on the policy end, you can save a lot of time and confusion by considering the use of specific travel agencies as part of your spending policy.

No Room For Doubt

By working with a travel agency to secure your transport, you may sometimes even enjoy some savings on travel spending as a result of the alliance. More importantly, however, sanctioning certain travel agencies to work with your company for trips means consistent, reliable, accurate spending results.

Having a travel agency as a partner means more open lines of communication. This also means that certain tactics for fraud, such as employees taking cheaper flights, while still making claims for the original, more expensive flight are greatly reduced.

When employees are left to their own devices to secure their own travel, most will take the reasonable route. However, a small, but aggressive minority, will see unsupervised travel arrangements as an opportunity to either make fraudulent reports, or even take advantage of the situation as way to take friends or family on a free trip.

Create a travel policy, and officially partner up with a travel agency to make your work arrangements. It will be more efficient, cost effective and a deterrent to abuse of travel privileges.