High Tech Means High Security

High Tech Means High Security

High Tech Means High SecurityOne of the things that many companies—and even governments—have dreaded in the past is abuse of the system from within. It’s one thing when you produce a product or service and you are cheated or robbed from some outside person. It’s devastating when it happens from within, especially when you find out a trusted employee has actually been stealing company funds.

Fraud through falsified expense reports is one of those ways that some unscrupulous employees take advantage of the good will of a company. In the past, the honour system was the main obstacle preventing people from exploiting expense reports as the slow, tedious, print-based methods of the past made it quite easy for people to modify expense reports at various stages.

Today, it’s much more difficult, and that’s for one reason. Expense Report software requires an expertise to defeat that the vast majority of embezzlers and fraudsters don’t have.

Corporate Greed Is Not Technically Savvy

Software is complex, and the systems required to change it or exploit it mean a massive amount of intelligence, deviousness and computer experience is required in order to tamper with a digital expense report. This is especially true when expense reports are stored online where everyone can see them.

In the past, fraudulent reports would back up their theft with more primitive counterfeiting techniques, such as modifying receipts, then photocopying that modification to submit at a later date, usually at the end of a business trip when there was more time to do a thorough job. Today, that’s very impractical, as purchases can produce the receipt, as a photo image, moments after the receipt is presented. Without a high level of skill in software that can manipulate photographic imagery, the average fraudulent employee simply lacks the skill AND the time to cheat the system in the 21st century.

As modern expense report systems become faster and more convenient, this also comes with the added bonus of being more secure. Someone may be unethical, greedy and ambitious about cheating a company of its money, but without a high level of computer skill as well, there’s not much they can do.