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User and Group Manager

1.7 User and Group Manager – Adding a New Approver

ExpensePoint allows companies to create unlimited approval workflows determined by different criteria.  Approval criteria include supervisors, managers, categories, GL codes, expense or report values, and can include multiple approval levels.

When creating approvals, you will be working in the User and Group Manager and Workflow Manager.   User and Group Manager groups the users together and  Workflow Manager defines the criteria, or conditions, and assigns the approver.

In this example, we will be creating a single approver Manager workflow.

User and Group Manager – Assigning Permissions to Users

Assigning permissions at a group level allows you to set permissions to a larger group of people quickly.  It is best practice to create permissions by groups rather than within the user’s account.

User and Group Manager – Restore Deleted User

ExpensePoint has the ability to restore a user that has been deleted. The benefits of restoring the user, rather than adding them as a new user, is their history and some user-specific information within their profile are restored.

User Group Manager – Adding Users

The ExpensePoint User and Group Manager maintains user settings and defaults.  It has two areas: User Groups and Users.

User Groups: This is where we assign users to approval, permission, or category-specific groups.   Assigning users into groups provides an easier setup for user profiles.  Furthermore, it allows an administrator to understand a user’s access in ExpensePoint.

Users: This manages a user’s profile information, such as an address, defaults, permissions, approval groups, etc.  This example will add a new user and highlight all the fields within the user’s profile.  Note: When setting up a new user, the best practice is to review another user’s profile to understand your company-specific defaults.

User and Group Manager – Delete a User

When removing terminated employees from ExpensePoint, it is important to delete the user profile.  All of the historical data will be available in Expense Manager and Analysis Manager.  This will then free up a license so you can add a new user.