How To Help Organize Your Sales Representatives Spending

How To Help Organize Your Sales Representatives SpendingYour company’s sales reps have a lot of different responsibilities, and chances are good that in their day to day routine they also have plenty of different expenses. Everything from treating an important client to a lunch, to travel or hotel costs are important to keep track of. At times these issues can actually lead to serious problems – particularly if they’re not tracked properly. That’s why it’s important to organize your sales representatives’ spending as best as you can.

The key to doing so is to get rid of the traditional expense tracking steps and upgrade to one of the online expenses systems out there today. A perfect example is ExpensePoint, which is a program that offers web based expense reporting and so much more. There are a few different things to take a look at when getting started that will help you and your sales team get the best spending tracking possible.

• Set Up Mobile Tracking – When you use a system that allows your sales reps to enter their expenses while they’re on the go through their phones or tablets, you will eliminate the lost receipts and streamline the process in a big way. An online expense reporting system makes it easy to use mobile devices to upload receipts and expenses.

• Offer Options – Be sure to offer plenty of options to your sales reps, too. Scanning is okay, and certainly better than hard copy, but with the best apps you can let your reps take a photo of their receipts and link them to expenses when they report them. The more versatile your system the better off you’ll be.

• Approve or Deny Quickly – Don’t let yourself build up a backlog of expenses. Instead, use your system to quickly review each submission from your reps and then approve or deny as needed. A good system will make it easy to quickly log on and review the different expenses out there.

• Store Properly – One of the best things about today’s modern software is that it eliminates the archaic filing system of yesterday. Once you’ve reviewed and managed expenses you can export them to hard drives or print them, plus store them online in the cloud or on local servers.

When you’re looking for a way to move your business into the future, it makes sense to spend some time keeping track of your sales reps’ expenses the right way. A good expense tracking software will make it easy to do just that.