How to Submit an Expense Report

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How to Submit an Expense Report

ExpensePoint offers a simple, intuitive expense reporting system that will streamline all your expense-related tasks, from submission all the way up to final approval and reimbursement.  Here’s a simple guide to submitting an expense, from the Login screen onward.

  • Once you have logged into ExpensePoint: At the Welcome Screen, click on the Expense Manager From there, click on Add New Report. A new window will pop up.
  • Here you can identify the source of the expenses, giving the report a name. Trip to New York, and whatever other details you want, for example – “presentation to potential investors”. Once you’ve completed all the background information pertaining to the report, go ahead and press Save Report.  You can now start to add expenses to it.
  • Select the new report you’ve created and you’ll be able to add individual expenses to it. A window will open up, where you can click Add New Expense.  For each receipt, you have fields to add details, including:

– Date

– Category

– Payment type

– Amount

  • Note that many of the fields have an auto-fill feature that speeds up the data entry process, based on past entries made. For example, under Category, typing “ca” will prompt the auto-fill category of “car rental” – click on that drop-down, and the field is completed with that category.
  • Some of the fields can be marked “mandatory” – they can be designated as such so that the user knows that if they are not filled in, the expense will not be processed, even though it’s been saved. These might include fields such as Client Name, and Business Purpose, or other fields designated mandatory for approval purposes.  Please note also that each type of expense, such as meals, car rental, mileage, etc. each have their own specific fields and features for the fastest, most accurate entries possible.  For instance, mileage expenses automatically calculate reimbursement amounts, and link to maps of the locations driven.  There’s also an international currency converting feature, which updates daily, and automatically converts to your home currency value, regardless of what currency it was originally.
  • Adding receipts to each individual expense can be done in two different ways:
  • Uploading a photo of the receipt – right from your phone or device
  • Faxing through ExpensePoint – from an office and scanner, for example
  • With either method, Images of the receipts are available right on the screen and can be linked to the entry in the report to which they are associated.
  • Prior to sending it, you can preview your expense report. It’s an on-screen version of the finished report.  Here, you can check the details of all the entries and receipts, from the overview section, right down to individual line items and receipt images.
  • Once you’re satisfied with all the information in the preview, highlight the report and click Report Finish – your expense report is complete, and sent to the approver for review and approval.

One of the great advantages of ExpensePoint is its flexibility and adaptability.  You can customize your expense reporting to fit the specific needs of your business.  All of the above steps and fields can be adapted to make your expense reporting processes as efficient and user-friendly as possible.  That includes all ends of the process, from those submitting expenses to the ones approving them.  As mentioned, many fields and entries can be auto-filled, so that repetitive data entry and keystrokes are minimized.  Features such as currency conversion and mobile receipt image uploads make expense submission and reporting a snap.

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