The Huge Impact Of Receipt Imaging In Employee Expense Reporting

The Huge Impact Of Receipt Imaging In Employee Expense Reporting

The Huge Impact Of Receipt Imaging In Employee Expense Reporting Choosing a program that offers you assistance with employee expense reporting is something you need to take seriously. The right program will make it easier to manage your expenses, get the right kind of results from it, and help you reduce errors that are all too common. When most companies begin their search for a program, they look at features like online connectivity, streamlined workflow, data reporting, and more. One thing you can’t ignore is receipt imaging, and it’s one of the single most important features in any automated employee expense reporting program.

First, it helps to know just what receipt imaging actually is. The name really says it all – employees can use their mobile device to scan or photograph a receipt. Then, the digital image will be uploaded to the expense report system for archiving. Once there, managers can review the receipt, approve it, and file it for access whenever it may be needed.

The benefits that this provides are surprisingly huge, and help this single feature stand out as a must-have for those who want to get the most from employee expense reporting software. Among the benefits it offers are:

  • It adds a huge layer of convenience for employees who are on the road. Instead of having to try to manage large stacks of paper and huge numbers of receipts, they can focus on increasing your bottom line instead of on tracking those receipts.
  • It also helps reduce errors. Lost receipts and simple mathematical errors are common issues when it comes to managing those large numbers of receipts, and when everything is handled instantly through imaging, those errors are reduced dramatically.
  • Additionally, receipt imaging will make it much harder for any dishonest employees to commit fraud. The ability to instantly approve purchases and receipts means that it’s much harder for individual items to sneak through your oversight.
  • It also helps you stay compliant and facilitates much easier archiving. Instead of having to keep several years’ worth of receipts in your files, you’ll have digital versions. This way, when compliance issues arise you’ll have instant access to the information that’s needed.

Good employee expense reporting means a lot of different things, and tracking receipts is one of them. Find a program that offers digital receipt imaging, and you’ll be giving yourself, your company, and your employees some very real benefits.