I could not be happier!

Reviewed on June 22, 2011 by Mike Hanssen, Owner at Careway Sign Service


Pros: The features are exactly what I needed for my traveling workforce. I picked ExpensePoint because of it’s ability to grow with the company and the knowledge that it is evoling to todays changing technology. My implementation not only got me started on creating that first report but gave me the knowledge to maintain the system on my own. When setting up the credit card transactions I was able to create the template in 15 minutes and import. My regular hour process of entering them is now gone and I can literally finish an expense report in minutes. The design of the system really does keep the end user in mind.

Cons: So far I have not found a single reason!

Overall: I recomend this to all companies big and small. The ExpensePoint team goes the extra mile to bring you incredible service. In the past I have used other expense software and I have never seen such a pain free implementation process. My salesforce was able to do training from their pc’s on recorded training and I did not loss and productivity. My accounting department is happy, and my employees are happy. Win win for me.