Why Is It Important To Choose Expense Report Software With A Free Trial?

Why Is It Important To Choose Expense Report Software With A Free Trial?

Why Is It Important To Choose Expense Report Software With A Free Trial?If you are a business owner, odds are good that you have a deep understanding of how changes in technology impact your enterprise.

However, as both a business and home user of the best technology, you might think a “free trial” is something you only get with personal software.

This is not the case: You should ensure that any expense report software you might implement for your enterprise also provides you with a free trial.

When it comes to implementing a new system, this is sound business sense.

Is Your Enterprise Ready For Expense Report Software?

At ExpensePoint, we have worked diligently to ensure that our software is easy to implement. However, we want you to make the decision with clarity and confidence. Before you take any steps, consider how your financial and regulatory controls look today:

— Do you feel confident that you are not “leaving money on the table” in your financial controls?
— How much does regulatory control cost you today? Are the costs going up or down over time?
— Are you sure your financial organisation is “right-sized” to suit the needs of your enterprise?
— Are you working with a growing amount of expense documentation related to business travel?
— Are you sure that, in terms of travel and other expense categories, you are in full compliance?

If you have any concerns about any of the areas above, it may be a good time for you to explore automation through expense report software that serves your needs.

A Free Trial Is The Way To Be Sure You Are Getting A Fair Deal On Expense Report Software

Many companies offering enterprise software or following the “software as a service” business model provide only very limited trials. These may come at a cost to you, or they may have some restrictions that make it difficult to evaluate the benefits you stand to gain.

At ExpensePoint, we decided early on that valuing transparency and forthrightness with our customers means providing a free trial. Our trial lasts for fifteen days, with no credit card required and zero obligation.

No matter what kind of enterprise software you’re looking for, it can be a good idea to seek out a free trial. It is also effective to get in touch with current users, try out various features, and talk to the tech support team. How your questions are handled as a prospective user is a good way of gauging how you’ll be treated as a customer!