Increase Office Productivity On The Sly

Increase Office Productivity On The Sly

Increase Office Productivity On The SlyEverything is done on the go these days. Just walk into a public space and look around. Almost everyone there will be staring at their smart phones or tablets. People are wired in now more than ever. And they enjoy being wired in. You can take advantage of this new paradigm by having your employees fill out expense reports on the go.

Getting the right expense report software is crucial. You need a program that integrates smart phones and tablets into the technology. This way, your employee can venture out on a business trip and incur expenses. Receipts can be uploaded into the automated program’s cloud through a smart phone connection and expenses can be cataloged the same way. The employee is actually hard at work and doesn’t even know it.

Expense reports used to be done on a spreadsheet in an office. The employee would have to pull out a bunch of crumpled receipts and spend an entire afternoon trying to remember what each expense was for. This was a time consuming process that most employees didn’t look forward to.

But good expense report software can have the employee do all of this on the road, bit by bit. The smart phone app is as easy to use as the computer version of the expense report software. Creating an entire report is simple and adding individual expenses to each report is even easier. Every receipt can become digitalized and stored on the cloud. Everything is immediate so the employee doesn’t have to remember what each expenditure was for.

But imagine the time saved. That afternoon that the employee used to spend on expense reports is completed on the road, even unwittingly to the employee. That means you squeeze more hours and productivity out of your employee without them even knowing. They just think they are plugged in, like everyone else.