J’Accuse! The Implications Of Questionable Employee Expenses

J’Accuse! The Implications Of Questionable Employee Expenses

J’Accuse!  The Implications Of Questionable Employee ExpensesThe unfortunate fallout from the misuse of employee expenses for reimbursement has resulted in greater scrutiny of expense reports and the documentation that is provided to substantiate the claims. Companies across the globe are adopting a zero-tolerance policy to this type of behavior. This is fortunate for the business itself and for employees in administration, who can utilize expense report software to keep better track of spending, and to verify documentation on the spot.

One of the reasons that automation for employee expenses has become a preferred business practice is that it reduces the workload, but also protects honest employees who simply do not have the best organizational skills. Simply being suspected of fraud for employee expenses reimbursement can be enough to damage a career, even if unintentional mistakes have led to lost receipts or bills that were submitted incorrectly.

The problem is that even innocent employees become concerned if legal action is threatened. The pursuit of re-attaining lost employee expenses is not solely a cost based process. Companies have charged workers who were suspected of falsifying amounts as low as $200, which means that any accusation can have a corresponding follow up.

Expense report software and mobile features for employee expenses not only protect the company itself, but it also keeps employees more organized in the moment. With the ability to submit employee expenses for approval through online access and the capacity to perform receipt capture on the spot, this type of application eases the strain for all parties involved.

The use of mobile technology for employee expenses also means that correct billing is documented at the time of the transaction. Should there be an issue of investigation, the expense report program can pull up the appropriate information to support claims of an innocent mistake versus malicious intent.