Keeping Track Of Expenses On The Go

Keeping Track Of Expenses On The Go

Keeping Track Of Expenses On The GoWhether a company is large or small, travel in order to promote corporate growth is a common occurrence for professionals at any level. For smaller businesses and start ups, keeping track of expenses, as well as travel time, falls on the part of the owner or manager. Although these personnel are also in charge of the actual budget allocations, this does not always mean that they are available to confirm receipts and reimbursements.

On the other side of the spectrum, larger businesses do have select teams of representatives that are regularly tasked with travel based assignments. The result of this scenario is also that receipts for business spending must be retained, and forms are filled out to keep track of expenses for later submittal for reimbursement.

Regardless of the circumstances, the use of mobile access in keeping track of expenses can benefit any party that is involved in this process.


From The Perspective Of Management

When managers are away from the office, keeping track of expenses entails monitoring the spending that is still happening within the business. With software that provides mobile access to all the internal budget allocations at all times, owners can also have the confidence to know that even while they are away, proper protocols are being followed. This lets managers stay connected to the company operations no matter where they are.

This approach applies to both larger and smaller companies, since better oversight of budget allocations are always a key to organizational growth. With real time alerts and updates through mobile access, managers don’t need to express as much concern over the potential for improper expenditures to be overlooked.


From The Perspective Of Employees

While keeping track of expenses for management teams is critical for a business to sustain, mobile access to expense software also provides significant benefits to employees who are on frequent travel details.

  • The ability to scan receipts and lessen paperwork
  • Automated expense forms for greater productivity
  • Immediate approval or denial of charges
  • Mobile access to corporate accounts
  • Reinforcement of expense protocols and controls

In this manner, keeping track of expenses with software that supports mobile access can also improve staff performance on a number of levels.

This type of software can also be customized to specific alert settings and can be synced with existing accounts and devices. The result is that both managers and staff of any sized company will be able to reduce the stress of keeping track of expenses in any form, for better productivity and use of resources.