Kelly and Theresa are wonderful! They’ve been so very helpful in the setting up and learning process Feb 14, 2018

Frances A.
Used the software for: Less than 6 months
Reviewer Source 
Source: Capterra

Pros: Probably the customer service- everyone is very helpful, attentive, and quick to respond. The wallet, and being able to attach the receipts to the credit card transactions as well.

Cons: I would be even better if categories could be assigned to certain vendors whose categories never change, and auto-populate the information in the expense details.

Overall: better time management and ease of sorting through transactions

Vendor Response

by ExpensePoint on February 15, 2018

Dear Frances. Thank you for your great review of ExpensePoint. I also appreciate your thoughts regarding linking expense categories automatically to specific vendors. Actually Kelly did bring to our attention after speaking with you and it is a feature that we are going to consider adding to ExpensePoint. Hopefully you will see it in the system in the future so thank you for that feedback. We also thank you for being our customer. Kind regards, Paul Ansloos Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing