Less Paper Does More Than Help The Environment

Less Paper Does More Than Help The Environment

Less Paper Does More Than Help The EnvironmentDespite all the promises people in the early 20th century made about the future, in the 21st century we still can’t say that we live in a paperless society or workplace.

But we are getting closer.

Expense reports have traditionally never been an ideal example of cutting down on paperwork. In many ways the concept of the expense report, while necessary for running a responsible finance department, accounted for causing many people within an office framework to generate paper. At the employee level, people traveling had to always ask for receipts, carry them back home, and include them in the additional forms that had to be filled out and submitted to the financial department in order to review and approve expenditures. Diligence, in other words, created more paperwork. We now live in a world that is ever more conscious about using resources and the amount of paper used in offices is a clear concern. Fortunately, in the 21st century, we are slowly expanding our options.

Expense Reports Go Digital

The integration of computers and online technology has enabled expense reports to become more environmentally friendly. Documents can now be created digitally and stored that way, doing away with the massive filing cabinets of the past that were required to store years worth of archived documentation. The availability of these documents online makes it possible for people to view them on their computers regardless of where in the world they are, negating the need to send a fax of the document just so it can be reviewed.

All of this benefits the environment. But for a business, a software-based expense report system has a direct impact on efficiency as well. Because this kind of expense report system is digital, it is faster, more efficient, more convenient and that saves time as well as money because it helps to streamline the functioning of the financial department.

So this is one of those rare cases where everyone benefits. Expense report software can have a positive operational and financial impact on an office. But it also helps the environment too.