Make It Easy, Go With An Expense Mobile App

Make It Easy, Go With An Expense Mobile App

Make It Easy, Go With An Expense Mobile AppAt this point, smart phones are firmly established as the norm for busy professionals. The great advantage with smart phones is that they are a tool for simplifying tasks that in the past were cumbersome and annoying. One of those tasks is the compilation of expense reports. An expense mobile app can simplify the job for the employee filing the report, and it can also increase the expense manager’s ability to control expenses, by providing more timely and accurate reports.

How To Choose?

Most expense tracking software programs include an expense mobile app as part of the package. When you are evaluating new expense management software for your company, make sure to look carefully at reviews and product descriptions for the mobile app of the software. It is likely to be a key tool in the overall management of expenses, so you want to make sure the app is well designed, fits the needs of your particular staff, and is easy to use.

Introducing A New Expense Mobile App

Whether you are introducing an expense mobile app to your staff for the first time, or you are switching to a better software with a new app, it is important to educate the staff properly on how to use it. Especially if you are switching apps, you may get some kick-back from staff. Even if the new app is better, people tend to get attached to ways of doing things and may resist change.

Prepare The Roll-Out

Get the IT department involved to make sure that anyone having a problem with the new app can get quick and efficient help. Communicate ahead of time throughout the organisation. Provide sufficient information to make staff comfortable with the features of the expense mobile app you have selected. Make full use of demos, videos and infographics provided by the maker of the software and make sure these get distributed to all levels of staff.

Reap The Benefits

Once you have carefully and properly implemented the expense mobile app, it is time to sit back and reap the benefits. One of the key benefits with an app is that you will be getting expense reports almost in real time. This not only makes it easier to track expenses, but it also makes it easier to verify expenses. You are also more likely to get accurate reports. Gone are the days when employees would compile reports after the fact, lose receipts, try to make things up to make up for it, forget items and so on. When you make it easy for the traveler, who can enter expenses into the expense mobile app on the go, you end up with a win-win: less hassle for the employee and better reporting to you.