Does Mobile Access For Expense Claim Software Make That Much Difference?

Does Mobile Access For Expense Claim Software Make That Much Difference?

Does Mobile Access For Expense Claim Software Make That Much Difference?There are plenty of different reasons that you should choose to invest in a quality expense claim software solution for your business, but the bottom line is simple – it helps reduce overall costs, allows you to develop new, better strategies, and reduces errors and fraud instances. Of course, there are numerous choices on the market and it’s vital that you spend the time needed to find the right one.

When you begin your search, one of the first things you’ll have to do is determine exactly which features matter to you in an expense claim software program. There are some very common features, and some that only a few programs can offer. Among these, mobile access is one of the most important and beneficial for your business.

Mobile access is just what it sounds like – the ability to access the system using your mobile devices. Unlike traditional expense claim software that can only be accessed through an applicable computer – usually one in the office network – online programs can facilitate this unique feature.

But why should it matter, and does it really make that much difference to your company’s bottom line? The answer is that yes, it makes a tremendous difference. Consider some of the following reasons why:

  • It allows employees to access the system anywhere without having to find a Wi-Fi connection point or break out their laptop. This means they can fit in expense claim management in their downtime.
  • It can allow for receipt imaging. This means that employees can photograph or scan receipts and upload them right into the system. By eliminating the need to carry paper receipts around, you’ve given your employees a lot of additional freedom and less hassle. That can translate into better productivity and efficiency while they’re on the go.
  • Mobile access also lets you check in on an employee’s spending while they’re still on the go. Instead of having to wait for them to return to the office, you can track and monitor their activities, approve things on the fly, and contact them if an issue arises.
  • You might save money, too. Employees today rely more on their mobile devices than laptops, and as a result you can avoid having to purchase and supply laptops to them if they don’t need one. Instead, they can simply use their mobile device.

These are just four examples of how mobile access can help your company. If you’re looking for good expense claim software, it’s a feature you’ll want to ensure you have.