Mobile Access Means Global Communication And That’s Good For Your Expense Tracking

Mobile Access Means Global Communication And That's Good For Your Expense TrackingYour sales representatives and other employees who are on the road for your business are among your most important resources, and as such you likely take great strides in ensuring that they have what they need on the road. Letting them use a travel expense report form for reporting expenses is a must since you will need to cover their costs while they’re on the road. But the fact is that even with an expense reporting system in place, you may not be doing enough to manage expenses properly. Taking another step and utilising web based expense reporting, and in particular mobile access, will have a huge impact on expense tracking for your employees.

An expense mobile app lets your employees use a smart phone or tablet to access a web based expense report software program and upload their travel expenses while on the go. Obviously this simplifies things a bit, but taking a closer look at what it can do for your employees and your business is well worth doing.

• For the employee on the go, the simplification of uploading expense information is incredibly beneficial. There’s no need to try to keep up with dozens of receipts, and uploading data while on the go is a simple process.

• Back at the office, you or your payroll/expense account supervisors can actually review expenses as they occur instead of being greeted with a mountain of forms and receipts at the end of a business trip. This lets you keep tabs on employee spending and reduces that deluge of work when an employee returns.

• Overall, those two changes may not seem like much. But when you consider that letting your employees have mobile access to uploading expense accounts will provide reduced workload, boost productivity, reduce the chance of employee or filing errors, and help you stay compliant, it becomes clear that one little change can have a big impact on your business.

In today’s world, most working adults have a smart phone or tablet device. Your employees can put those devices to even greater use and add a bit of convenience with the help of a program like ExpensePoint that offers mobile app access for expense reports. It’s well worth considering for your business, no matter what line of work you’re in.