Mobile Expense Report Access Empowers Your Growing Contingent Of Apple Users

Mobile Expense Report Access Empowers Your Growing Contingent Of Apple Users

Mobile Expense Report Access Empowers Your Growing Contingent Of Apple UsersApple mobile devices such as the iPhone and the iPad are consistently among the fastest growing mobile platforms in the world. This is particularly true among enterprises that focus in the areas of advertising, marketing, or various creative endeavours.

The rapid growth of Apple is poised to collide with the “Bring Your Own Device” revolution to present new challenges and opportunities to businesses in Canada. These new factors will touch on every aspect of how business is done, from expense report management to overall strategy.

If more of your colleagues are using mobile devices, there are several important ways that you can make sure your enterprise is completely equipped to support them.

1) Make Sure The Software You Use Is Platform Neutral

These days, there’s no reason to pick a side in Apple and Android. Instead, you want to be sure that every major piece of software you pick up for travel expense report management or anything else is compatible with all major platforms.

2) Migrate Key Information And Processes To The Cloud

Using the cloud in a creative and effective way will help you to achieve the high levels of cross-platform compatibility that you need. Plus, cloud computing lends itself to managed software and helps reduce the amount of IT work you need to keep in house.

3) Ensure All Major Software Applications Are Updated Regularly

With the rise of mobile comes a very important security concern. Mobile networks can be easier to compromise than hard wired networks, so be sure that you keep all of your mobile software updated. Even allowing a hacker to read an expense report could cause trouble.

4) Maintain The Principle Of Lowest Authorisation

Although you may need to authorise many different users to operate your cloud software, you should never provide anyone with more authorisation than they need. Software should lend itself to easy user management so no one ever exceeds their permissions.

With the new technological landscape in mind, Canadian companies are testing the potential of the cloud with new expense report management software. This is a great step toward reducing your compliance costs while acclimating your enterprise to getting things done the mobile way.

Odds are good that as time goes on, we will see more and more blended workplaces using both Apple and Android devices. Make sure that your company is growing into one that can handle the meeting of these styles!