Mobile Expense Report Access Helps Mobile Technology Users Give Their All

Mobile Expense Report Access Helps Mobile Technology Users Give Their All

Mobile Expense Report Access Helps Mobile Technology Users Give Their AllIf you did a formal poll of your enterprise, would you find that more of your users take Apple devices or Android devices home at the end of the day?

Many Canadian companies are now finding themselves in the situation of managing a workforce that has a blended approach to the latest mobile technology. That is to say, neither of these two powerful platforms is more influential than the other.

While some enterprises do slant strongly one way or the other, it’s important to understand that both platforms have their advantages. Likewise, there are some applications and other features that are exclusive to each platform.

Ultimately, it’s a personal decision — and one on which fewer and fewer companies are ruling strongly. When you look for mobile expense report software or any other enterprise software, you should try to ensure full compatibility.


Mobile Expense Report Access On Android and Apple Encourages Productivity

Studies have shown that mobile users have a tendency to be more creative and more impulsive than others. In other words, they know what they want and they want it as soon as possible. Plus, they are interested in finding new, innovative ways to do things.

By transforming a boring and potentially problematic issue like expense report management into something that can be done easily through mobile technology, you help leverage the strengths of your mobile loving employees — while positioning your compliance team for excellent work.

With mobile devices, you can achieve many reporting tasks that were impossible before. Plus, you can handle them from around the world, making it easier than ever to deliver perfect travel expense report documentation.


For example:

— You can easily and immediately capture credit card information and receipt images.
— You can compute and compare expenses even across different countries and currencies.
— You can “zoom in” on problems and policy issues based on rules that you program in.
— You can resolve discrepancies and compliance problems before they become costly.

Using mobile technology, you give your executives and all the members of your team the power to be more productive than ever before. That raises efficiency and even morale.

When you are looking for mobile software, be certain that your solution can be deployed on both Apple and Android platforms — so you can leverage the great traits of all of your workforce. That’s an important lesson to learn to take advantage of the mobile revolution.