Mobile Expense Reporting Is The Best Kind

Mobile Expense Reporting Is The Best Kind

Mobile Expense Reporting Is The Best KindIf you’re thinking that it’s time to upgrade your system for expense reports, then one of the first things you should look at is not just having a different system, but an IMPROVED one. Will incorporating a new system actually make expense reports for you company easier, accurate and more efficient? Or just introduce a different type of bureaucratic tedium?

This is why it’s important when looking at expense report software to make sure that it actually has features and advantages that you can use. One of the most important advantages, and this is something you’ll find with ExpensePoint, is the idea of mobility.

It Just Makes Sense

When you stop and think about it, the whole purpose of the expense report is to keep track of spending when employees travel for work purposes. Because the employee is being mobile, this should mean that the way to keep track of expense reports is also mobile.

This is something that older, traditional paper systems fail at. In those cases, employees had to keep track of receipts and other proofs of purchase, and the only file the expense report once they returned, taking up more time they didn’t necessarily have.

With modern expense report software, the system now moves onto a smartphone, thanks to apps. This means that no matter where an employee goes, he or she has the system in place to reliably report each and every expense as it happens. Even if there’s no online accessibility or cellular reception, the data can be filed and then uploaded at a later time. But the important thing is, working this way, every expense can be made as it happens, rather than piled on at the end of a trip. With the ability phones have to take pictures, even collecting receipts is no longer required, as a photo of the receipt itself can stand in for the original document or a photocopy.

This means that employees don’t have to worry about accessing a laptop or a desktop computer just to use the software. It also means that they don’t have to stress about taking the time to create an entire report from scratch at the end of a long, gruelling business trip. Instead, the report happens, a few minutes at a time, with every purchase. And that makes everyone’s life a lot easier. A mobile expense reporting solutions is definitely a better one.