New Software Means New Training

New Software Means New Training

New Software Means New TrainingOne of the most important aspects of implementing a new expense report system in your business is ensuring that the people that are supposed to use it, namely your employees that travel and your finance department, actually come to grips with the system. After all, all the improvements in the world aren’t going to be of much value if the improvements aren’t actually utilised.

So ensuring that the people most affected by the new software become familiar with is an incredibly important aspect. But how do you make sure that people learn properly?

If you’re with ExpensePoint, you can leave a bit of that to us.

Training When You Need It

Expense report software should be easy to use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people will pick it up without a little bit of training. That’s where a comprehensive company like we are steps onto the scene. We understand that your company taking it upon itself to train staff in the use of new software can be a time-consuming activity that you may not have the resources to spare. We’ve taken care of that.

We provided a web based training program that gets your staff up to speed on how to use your newest expense reporting software. This means that your staff can either take the time during the day to learn on their computer or after office hours on their own time. They can learn at their own pace, get in the practice they need with both the online training and the app that can be installed on their phones, and come to grips with the system in an easy, convenient way that drains neither your time, nor your personnel. And if there are still any questions you may have, our customer support is always at the ready to look at your concerns and work with you to come up with solutions.

Education is a key aspect of proper expense reporting. Once your staff have been properly trained and understand the benefits of this better, faster, more efficient expense reporting software, everyone will start enjoying the benefits.