On The Road Again – Think About Your Expense Reporting

On The Road AgainNo matter what line of business you’re in, if your employees are constantly on the road, you owe it to them, yourself, and your business to make it as easy as possible to report expenses and review them. Using things like a travel expense report template is a good first step, but with expense automation you’ll be able to offer even more versatility, convenience, and simplicity to the process. Before you send your workers back on the road, be sure to think about what a good expense report program can do.

It starts at the employee level, and when your workers have the ability to quickly upload their receipts and expenses you’ll be making it simple for them to keep all their expenses in one place. With the expense claim software from ExpensePoint, they can upload their expenses on a constant basis and even photograph receipts with their smart phone and upload them through a mobile app. This helps by eliminating lost receipts and making it much easier for them to keep track of all their costs while on the go.

That convenience carries over for you, too. Managers are able to view expense claims quickly and determine whether or not they’re approved or denied. You can also monitor ongoing expenses to make certain the employee doesn’t go too far over their limits. This is only possible with web-based expense reporting, and the ability to upload, download, and track expenses in real time is one that can change the way you manage expense reports.

And at the end of the month or quarter, you’ll have a full suite of tools at your disposal. Using graphs, charts, and other in-depth analysis reports you can actually take a close look at everything about your employee travel expenses. You can filter information based on employee, department, and numerous other criteria that will let you manage, review, and modify your policies to maximise your company’s bottom line.

Changing your expense reporting to a quality expense software program could help you improved productivity, reduce mistakes, and streamline the entire process. It’s worth taking a minute to think about your current set up and whether or not upgrading to ExpensePoint is worth doing. In many cases, it will be.