How Does Operating System Usage Impact Travel Expense Report Automation

How Does Operating System Usage Impact Travel Expense Report Automation?

How Does Operating System Usage Impact Travel Expense Report AutomationIf you looked at a map of your enterprise today, what kinds of divisions would you see in terms of the technical landscape? Do certain regions use Windows while others use Macintosh? Maybe some parts of the organisation have a preference for Blackberry while others use Android?

The days when enterprises tried to control the specific hardware implementations that every team member uses are quickly receding. The enterprises of the future will mainly consist of a large number of different hardware types and operating systems working together in harmony.

One easy way to tell that this is the case is simply to look at the overall trajectory of Microsoft products. No matter what you might think of Microsoft 7, it evinces a significant commitment to make mobile and desktop devices work together in a more effective way than before.

Don’t Try To Change Systems: Get Travel Expense Report Software That’s Compatible

It is easier to find compatible software than it is to change entrenched preferences for a particular operating system, piece of hardware, or configuration. While it’s valuable to know where your enterprise skews, you should only select software with full compatibility for all major platforms.

That should definitely include:

— Macintosh, including Apple tablets, iPhones, laptops, and desktops.
— Android devices, including the latest smartphones and Android tablets.
— Blackberry phones, including any successor models that might arise.
— Windows-based laptops, including future and recent versions.

Don’t Shy Away From Travel Expense Report Automation Because Of Your Chosen “OS”

If planned and implemented correctly, travel expense report automation can be a relatively minor cost that has significant ongoing benefits. One of the most important keys in ensuring that your report automation platform will work for you is making certain it is compatible with your existing operating systems.

In a modern enterprise, that not only includes the software that runs your desktops, but also what your business travelers use when they are away from the office. Don’t make the critical mistake of thinking that only processes at the “core” need to be optimised: Core processes are fed by data that could originate from anywhere in the world.

Expense report automation can serve as the leading edge of a great automation strategy that will help tie together the various regions and verticals within your business. All you have to do is ensure that the solution you select provides excellence across your entire value chain.