Out With The Old - In With The New!

Out With The Old – In With The New!

Fast paced growth in cloud technologies spurs on the continued proliferation of employee expense report automation. Read more from ExpensePoint’s Director of Global Sales.

expensepoint-the-newIn our fast paced technology driven world, companies are relying more and more on new innovative cloud based solutions to replace old ‘non-value added’ internal accounting and administrative processes. The following business functions represent just a few such process that have greatly benefited by the emergence of new cloud based software driven solutions: human resources management, accounting, payroll, invoicing, document and data management, inventory management, purchasing and point of sale systems.

Today one of the fastest growing processes for automation is employee expense reporting and today with solutions like ExpensePoint companies can quickly and easily automate the entire process. ExpensePoint’s Director of Global Sales, Paul Ansloos, comments “With ExpensePoint our clients have completely streamlined the entire expense report process and now with receipt image capturing capabilities and credit card integration the majority of clients have gone completely paperless”. “Let’s face it ‘who really likes doing their expense report? Yet using ExpensePoint it not only saves time and money but it provides a better experience for those employees who required to file expense reports”.

Cloud Based Applications

Ansloos also states that one of the truly great technological business innovations in this last decade is the development of business applications that run in the cloud. They are fast proving to being the standard in which way companies want to manage their business processes especially because they are quite effortless to deploy, extremely easy to control and overall ending up costing companies much less to manage these types of business functions.

To find out how to make your expense report process into a online expense report process visitwww.expensepoint.com