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7 Key Benefits of Business Expense Cards (P-Card) Integration with Expense Management Software

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ExpensePoint Expense Management Software and Purchasing Card (P-Card) / Business Expense Card Integration

When it comes to running a business, keeping track of employee spending can be a hassle. It can be challenging to determine what employees are spending money on and how much each employee is spending.

ExpensePoint software makes managing your expenses easy with their purchasing card integration.

Purchasing cards allow your company and employees to spend easily and safely. We allow your company to put your company logo on each of its purchasing cards, so there is never a mistake made where someone thinks they are using their personal card.

The Purchasing Card is a cashback card, and we offer the benefit of having your annual fee waived.

The Business Expense Card Keeps You Protected

To make sure employees are not taking advantage of the card or spending money on personal items, the expense point software offers live (real-time) spend view, which allows your finance team to see how each expense card is being used at every moment.

Our purchasing card also offers per card limits that have the ability to raise or lower limits in real-time. All an employee needs to do is contact the finance department and raise the limits if they need to make a necessary online purchase for your business or if they accumulate new expenses while traveling for work.

To take it a step even further from preventing business expense cards from being abused or fraud occurring, we offer merchant category blocking, which blocks certain vendors from being able to be used with the purchasing card.

You already know which types of businesses your brand does B2B business with, so having certain merchants and businesses blocked based on the goods and services they provide is an excellent way to make sure the p-cards are only used for business expenses.

The P-card (Purchasing Card) is Intuitive

The p-card is easy to understand and intuitive to use. Your company has the ability to offer individual p-cards to each of its users, update the spending limits, easily track workflows, and automatically update accounting systems.

All an employee needs to do is create a request within the software that the manager can either approve or deny. This allows the manager to track spending with every payment the employee makes. This improves accuracy and compliance when it comes to tracking expenses.

Your brand will be able to see exactly where each dollar is going to, which will help you negotiate better rates going forward with the vendors you work with on a daily basis.

With the amount of paperwork that goes into traditional accounting systems, such as gathering receipts and invoices, the p-cards will save your company valuable time with its automatic integration system.

7 Key Benefits of Business Expense Cards (P-Card)

Card Management -Real-time access to management of card program including creating new cards, closing cards, changing credit limits, ordering replacement plastics, and payments​

Compliance & Control -Daily views of spend to ensure complete transparency and early fraud detection​

Transaction Management -Allows users to view and manage all their card transactions​

Merchant Analysis & Reporting -Detailed analysis of merchant spend by MCG/MCC with the ability to create customized merchant group reports​

Cost Allocation -Default cost coding for each cardholder including the ability for multiple cost allocation systems in the one solution​

Customized Access -Ability to access different levels of information and functionality depending on the role (ex: administrator, manager, cardholder, buyer, audit or reporting)​

Online Inquiries & Reports -Useful inquiry filters allowing you to monitor spend on key control elements for your business. Standard inquiries and reports covering cost allocation, transaction lifecycle, and merchant analysis.

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