Receipt Imaging Allows You To Handle Travel Expense Reports In The Right Order

Receipt Imaging Allows You To Handle Travel Expense Reports In The Right Order

Receipt Imaging Allows You To Handle Travel Expense Reports In The Right OrderThink about the way that travel expense reports are typically handled and you’ll soon realise that they are done backwards — and when you do anything backwards, you are much more likely to make a mistake. In the case of reporting expenses, that mistake can cost you dearly.

Just what does it mean to say that travel expense reports are done backwards?

Typically, reporting for travel is rather complex. The sheer physical stamina that a vigorous travel schedule requires can make things even more difficult. If the itinerary is very complex, then different sales tax and other issues throughout various countries compound the issue.

Under these conditions, even the most experienced business traveler will be tempted to defer writing expense reports until after the trip is already well underway. That decision easily grows into not doing the reporting until after the trip is over.

Don’t Go Backwards, Use Receipt Imaging To Make Things Simpler And More Accurate

What’s the solution? Making the most challenging elements of reporting — the paper-based elements — easier for business travelers to capture right away. Receipt imaging makes it possible by defining a transaction as it happens.

Although receipts are used everywhere in the world to serve as a record of transactions, the particulars vary. Likewise, differences in customs and language can make it hard to evaluate receipts unless they are kept safe in a digital format.

In fact, many business travelers questioned admit to losing receipts during their work abroad.

Receipt imaging makes those problems a thing of the past — when integrated with a complete reporting solution for travel.

Take Control Of The Flood Of Receipts Through The Best Software

Sooner or later, your business will have to use receipt imaging if you want to be sure that your travel expense reports are in the best condition possible. Either the imaging will occur at the end of the process, when it takes the longest and is prone to mistakes, or it will be integrated into the beginning of the process — where it can save time and create value.

If you are looking for a way to make your business travel expenses easier than ever to navigate and audit, be sure that you are using a software suite with built-in receipt imaging. The easier the process is for your business travelers, the easier it will be for your compliance experts down the line — and the faster you can guarantee a high level of ongoing compliance.