Receipt Imaging Changes Everything About An Expense Program

Receipt Imaging Changes Everything About An Expense Program

Receipt Imaging Changes Everything About An Expense ProgramFor years, companies have been utilizing expense software to help them track and manage their employee expenses. The benefits highlight why that is – software solutions make it easier to do virtually everything involved with tracking expenses. However, there have always been a few areas that software couldn’t change. In particular, the filing of forms and inclusion of receipt imaging has been something that still needed to be handled manually. That’s why finding an expense program with receipt imaging capabilities has become so important.

This single feature really does change virtually everything about what an expense program can do for you. It works simply – the employee will use their mobile device to take a photo of the receipt, and then upload that digital image into the system. From there, they can file an expense claim and submit it along with the receipt for approval. On the other end of the system, your business leaders will be able to instantly review and approve or deny the claim, filing the receipt and form digitally for archiving purposes.

It’s a brilliant idea, and one that is already making big impacts throughout businesses. Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits offered by an expense program that provides receipt imaging.

  • Less stress and work for your team members. Instead of having to manually keep track of every receipt that they gather while on the road, they can instantly photograph and upload it, eliminating the need to manage so much paperwork.
  • Better productivity. Since your employees are able to quickly take care of the filing process, they have more time to focus on making your company money by generating leads and sales.
  • Instant approval. You no longer have to wait for an employee to arrive home in order to start the approval process. Instead, you can manage their expenses while they’re still on the go, avoiding that big mountain of work that used to accompany them upon their return.
  • Consistent monitoring. This also means that you can review and monitor an employee’s spending while they’re still on the road. This helps you keep a better eye on their expenses and reduces fraud at the same time.
  • Better accuracy. Since most of the process is automated and the chance of missing receipts is nil, you’ll be able to enjoy much better accuracy in every step of the expense management process.

Simply put, finding an expense program with receipt imaging is something that you need to do. It might seem like a small feature, but in reality it’s one of the most important developments in the way expenses are tracked that has ever been made.