Receipt Imaging Makes The Expense Report Process Easier

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 12.36.22 PMReceipt imaging is one benefit of automated report filing systems that employees love due to its ease of use and optimal convenience. Receipt imaging allows employees to take a picture of a receipt and upload it directly into their expense report, allowing them the convenience of no longer having to meticulously save each receipt with fear they could be lost or destroyed before their expense report is filed.

Receipt imaging can be done in 3 ways:

• A picture of the receipt can be taken and uploaded directly from a mobile phone
• The receipt can be scanned and uploaded via a PC or laptop computer
• The receipt can be faxed and uploaded onto a report

Depending on the employee’s situation, and the business related trip they are on, these 3 different options provide a great way to image a receipt no matter the circumstances. Mobile uploading is particularly beneficial, as it allows receipts to be managed in real time no matter where the person may be located during the course of the trip. After an expense is incurred, an employee only needs to take a picture of the receipt and upload it directly, creating an easy and accurate report of the expense with no stapling or paper saving required.

Receipt imaging also helps companies to stay green, as this is an entirely paperless way to accurately track expenses. Receipt papers can be recycled, rather than stapled and filed, as the image provides all of the expense proof they may need in their report. For companies looking to limit their carbon footprint, this is one simple way to do so while keeping employees happy, as it reduces the amount of “stuff” they need to lug about on business trips, and employers appreciate the ease with which expenses can be approved or sent back.

Receipts can be lost easily throughout the course of a business trip, and keeping a physical receipt safe over the course of a few days can be a frustrating task. Receipts are typically small, and while going about a typical workday in another area, city, or country, employees are often focused on making sure their trip is as successful as possible, which often doesn’t include constant thoughts about the state of their receipts. By using receipt imaging, this worry no longer needs to plague employees, and lost luggage, misplaced papers, or ruined receipts will no longer complicate the expense report filing process.

Receipt imaging is just one convenience that is granted when switching to an automated expense report filing system, and it is one that employees embrace for its ease of use and total convenience compared to the old method of stapling receipts to reports. From its green benefits, to the lack of worry about keeping track of small paper receipts, receipt imaging can improve the expense report process in a variety of ways!