What Does Receipt Imaging Really Do For Your Expense Management Efforts?

What Does Receipt Imaging Really Do For Your Expense Management Efforts?

What Does Receipt Imaging Really Do For Your Expense Management Efforts?Managing employee travel expenses is one of the most important things that any business can do when they have travelling employees. After all, being able to track and oversee those expenses that are incurred on the road is important for keeping your team working at their best. One thing that is important to understand is that using expense management software is a key element in the process.

However, many people don’t’ realize just how effective some of the tools and features in program can be. One expense management feature that you need to pay attention to is receipt imaging. This is a basic feature included in the best expense management programs today, and it involves taking photos of receipts with a mobile device and then uploading them right into the system from anywhere.

The benefits should be obvious, but if you’re not convinced that this will have a big impact on your expense management efforts, take a look at some of the different ways it will affect things.

  • It reduces stress and hassle for your team. Instead of managing stacks of paperwork and piles of paper receipts, they can quickly photo and upload their receipts and move on. This keeps life simpler on the road.
  • Your at-home team benefits too. Instead of having to comb through tons of forms and receipts when an employee arrives back at the office, everything can be managed digitally as it occurs. It’s a simpler process that takes very little effort to do.
  • Productivity is increased since your team is able to spend more time on things that make you money instead of constantly worrying about keeping tabs on their receipt information. It’s an easier process that nets bigger profits for your company in the long term.
  • Errors, fraud, and noncompliance are also all reduced. Since receipts can be uploaded as the expense occurs, it’s much easier to track all expenses accurately. This helps you keep your expense management data exactly where it needs to be and keep your company fully compliant.

All in all, receipt imaging can seem like a simple feature that offers only marginal benefits. But it’s something that can influence your entire business in a big way, and as such you need to give it your attention and ensure that your team is making the most of it. It can change the way you handle expense management in a big way.