Scrutiny Of Expense Reports Leads To Questions Of Fiscal Integrity

Scrutiny Of Expense Reports Leads To Questions Of Fiscal Integrity

Scrutiny Of Expense Reports Leads To Questions Of Fiscal IntegrityRecent news regarding the conduct of several government officials and their expense reports is not only a troubling concerns for citizens, but should also be taken as a cautionary lesson for many businesses. Although the issues that are being uncovered in municipal spending do bring into question the greater culture of integrity with use of funds, it also puts the microscope of evaluation on nearly any expenditure.


Benefits Of The Doubt?

In the case of Senator Janis Johnson from Manitoba, investigations into her travel expenses have resulted in a contentious decision regarding the validity of her travel. What is particularly interesting about the conclusions from this particular audit is that the questionable nature of Senator Johnson’s spending could be highly up for debate.

The report from the Auditor general does actually indicate a recognition that expense reports that were submitted did pertain to valid travel excursions, although the evaluation led to the opinion that this was still outside the scope of appropriate spending. Conversely, Senator Johnson continues to cite the Senate Travel Expense Policy in defense, while also indicating in documentation how claimed expenses are well within this scope.

For any business where employees do engage in much travel, this type of scenario can become a possibility. Further, while the cost of conducting an internal audit on travel expense reports can become a good investment to cut future budget losses, this action can also unfairly target employees who are actually behaving ethically with their travel expenses and motivations.


Staying On Top Of Budgets

Unfortunately, many of the problems that do arise with questionable spending are only noticed after the trip has passed and payments have been authorized. This can also contribute to the type of situation that is facing Senator Johnson, where the outcome of the audit has actually led to less clarity and more questions.

Having the capacity to approve travel expense reports in real time, is on large solution to both averting the misuse of funds directly, and also creating workplace culture where best practices for travel spending are always reinforced. Automated expense repost software can provide for on the spot evaluation of travel expenses, and this can lead to greater clarity in terms of how efficient and productive business trips are, but also a better sense of control within the entire business.

Although there can certainly be speculation that rules only keep honest people honest, automated expense reports and real time confirmations can also mean that honest employees are not unduly singled out, simply because they spend a lot of time on the road. The result is that handling these budgetary concerns is both streamlined and more accurately monitored, which will benefit employees and the business alike.