See Expenses As They Happen

See Expenses As They Happen

See Expenses As They HappenThe old way of filling out an expense report was a lengthy two-step process for both the employee, and the finance staff that needed to process such reports. Employees had to gather up all receipts, and, upon returning home, try to remember where each purchase occurred, back that up with a receipt, and then fill out an expense report form. Once that was handed over to the financial staff, they had to go over every purchase, and, if there were any items that stood out, get back to the employee for clarification, and this would continue until all irregularities were resolved, and the full, final report could be processed, approved and filed.

This is a very time consuming way to go about things. Fortunately, today it doesn’t have to be that way.

Automatic Notification

With modern expense report software like ExpensePoint, the relevant financial staff can be automatically notified the moment an expense report item is filled in. This means that staff don’t have to wait for a full report to be submitted. The moment a transaction on a company credit card occurs, or someone files a bill for a meal and produces a photograph of a receipt, this expense can immediately notify staff, they can check it, and, if everything is fine, quickly process that item and move on.

This also means that if there’s a problem with an expense report item, staff immediately know about it, and can either contact the employee directly over the phone to quickly resolve the problem, or leave notification with the employee about the problem. In either case, this means that issues that crop up are no longer discovered only after the employee has returned and options to resolve the problem are much more limited.

This kind of flexibility is only possible with expense report software that is accessible both on computers and online. It means that anyone, with the right authority and access to a computing device, can quickly assess information when it’s available, and react quickly to any problem, solving them before they become even bigger.