Sometimes You Still Need Offline Capability

Sometimes You Still Need Offline Capability

Sometimes You Still Need Offline CapabilityMost of the time when you send an employee abroad to do work on a business trip, that activity will be confined to a major city. That normally means all the work your employee needs to do will be in an environment where essential, modern business technology, such as an Internet connection of some kind, or cellular phone reception will always be available.

But sometimes this isn’t the case. Work may need to happen in a more isolated area, or, as with any big city, things can go wrong. Routers can fail, cellular broadcast towers can get damaged in storms, and sometimes, the electricity just goes out. If you use an online-only expense report system, this can mean trouble.

Report Now, Send Later

The convenience of having something like ExpensePoint’s own expense report software installed on an employee’s phone is the versatility. Using the app to fill out an expense report and take a photo of the receipt for documentation is still easy to do even without an Internet or cellular phone connection available. Once conditions have been restored, or an employee returns to an area where those kinds of services are available, the entry in the expense report can by “synched” or updated with the rest of the report once a connection is restored.

It’s an important feature that may not always come into play, but it’s definitely a glad-it’s-there-when-it-really-counts component of the software. Online capability and information sharing provides a lot of convenience and accessibility for processing and reviewing. But there should be contingencies in place for those occasions when it’s not possible. Today’s phones have the processing power and storage capacity to easily make and hold these reports in memory until such time as they can finally be uploaded to your network for review. Make sure that your staff know that this is always an option, so that they don’t make the mistake of simply not filing a report because they don’t have a connection.