Streamlining Expense Report Processes From The “Core” To the “Margins”

Streamlining Expense Report Processes From The “Core” To the “Margins”

Streamlining Expense Report Processes From The “Core” To the “Margins”Many Canadian enterprises are centralised enough to achieve change using “top down” methods. In “top down” change, a small group of executives develops a basic strategy that is rolled out throughout the hierarchy.

Executives have not only enormous formal authority, but a great deal of social clout when it comes to aligning the workforce. When executives are seen to lead from the front and take charge, it can motivate team members.

However, a growing number of Canadian enterprises have gone global and must look at other ways to effect change. If your enterprise is processing a travel expense report every day, you might be in one of these enterprises.

What’s the best way to manage change in a far-reaching global enterprise?


Aligning Regions For Global Change In Canadian Enterprises

Distant regions have a tendency to line up behind change when it’s clear that the change advances their business interests. Let’s look at travel expense report software as an example.

Any time you roll out enterprise software, you’re bound to run into some issues. However, the advantages must be seen to clearly outweigh the challenges and learning curve.

In the case of expense report management software for travel, regional leaders should be able to clearly see the benefits. When reporting becomes easier for business travel, it will become both easier to get business travel approved and less expensive to execute the travel.

When all is said and done, this kind of software can significantly benefit regions that are far from the “core” by helping ensure communication is more effective. Likewise, it can draw the entire enterprise together by making compliance easier to maintain.


Making Sure Expense Report Software Is Right For Your Business


Two major technological drivers of change dominate the landscape in 2014:


The Cloud

To maximise flexibility, all enterprise software should be delivered by way of the cloud. Using cloud networks means reducing the amount you have to invest in internal technology, while getting all the benefits of excellent software.


Platform Neutrality

Virtually all business professionals now use mobile technology to stay in touch with their organisation at all times. This effect is amplified when executives are traveling abroad. Ideal software can be accessed readily through any popular platform.

Global change is now easier than ever before. Remember to keep both the human and the technical factors in mind and you will soon reap the benefits of greater efficiency.