Streamlining Expense Report Processes From The Top Down

Streamlining Expense Report Processes From The Top Down

Streamlining Expense Report Processes From The Top DownWhat is the best way to realise positive change within a large Canadian enterprise?

There are many categories of change that can be managed effectively in a decentralised manner, allowing members of the enterprise in specific offices or regions to develop the right approach for their business reality.

However, when it comes to expense report processes, it is important that the change comes from the top down. “Top down” change may not be as exciting as the alternative, but top level decision makers can influence and motivate the organisation like no one else.


Strategic Top Down Change Means Starting With The Right Goals In Mind

One of the most powerful ways that you could change your enterprise is to eliminate manual processes. Paper-based processes are slow, unwieldy, and have a tendency toward human error.

However, where should you begin? It’s important that you select a meaningful project that’s attainable without major risk — something that your enterprise can use to build momentum.

Paperless processes should all be modernised whenever possible, but one of the most important things to start with is travel expense report management. A single “human error” mistake on one of these reports can lead to significant compliance problems.


Steering The Enterprise For Worthwhile Top Down Change

In order to streamline your reporting, you will need to implement new software. Using a cloud-based “software as a service” platform means that the decision is strategic, not purely technical.


Make sure that your new solution provides you with all of the following:

— Easy management of permissions so that each business traveler can do the job efficiently.
— Rapid computation of currencies and other differences that arise between various markets.
— Global communication of important documentation, expenses, and other key transactions.
— Cross-platform compatibility to ensure that travelers can use it on both Apple and Android.

Once you’ve found the right expense report software, be sure to provide clear communication for everyone who might be affected by it. The IT team should collaborate with the software provider to develop any training that might be necessary and “walk” users through the process.


Efficient Change Is The Key In An Evolving Technological Landscape

Change is critical, and how you handle change can make a lasting difference in how competitive your enterprise is. Travel expense report management is both a valuable endeavour in itself and a great test case for future uses of cloud computing.