Streamlining Expense Reporting With Receipt Imaging

Streamlining Expense Reporting With Receipt Imaging

Streamlining Expense Reporting With Receipt ImagingOperating a business is no simple task, and it’s important that you do all you can to keep things as straightforward as possible when it comes to managing the various aspects related to it. One thing worth taking a closer look at is your expense reporting process, and by streamlining it through the use of software solutions you could be able to enjoy numerous benefits to your company. One of the absolute best tools offered by a good program will be receipt imaging.

Receipt imaging is nothing more than a feature that allows your team to take photos of their receipts and then upload them into the expense reporting program with their mobile devices. You’ll need to find a program that syncs with mobile devices and that offers online functionality, and it’s well worth it.

Consider the alternative. In the past, employees had to make note of each expense and then save the receipt for days at a time. Then, when they returned to the office they would fill out expense claim forms and attach the appropriate receipt. This created a lot of hassle for employers and employees alike. Employees had to keep track of receipts, fill out endless paperwork, and more. Then, employers had to review the information, recheck totals, and ensure that everything was accurate. It made the expense reporting process harder than it had to be.

Thanks to technology, that isn’t an issue any longer. Today it’s possible to use receipt imaging and skip that hassle entirely. Employees will upload their scanned receipts and employers can instantly review them. There’s no need to keep up with dozens of receipts, and no huge pile of paperwork for everyone when a trip is at an end.

This offers numerous benefits in addition to just being easier for everyone involved. Those benefits include:

  • Better accuracy in expense reports
  • Reduced instances of fraud
  • Less paperwork
  • Easier filing and archiving process
  • Better productivity since your team isn’t spending so much time managing receipts

If you’re looking into good expense reporting software solutions, be sure that this is a feature you don’t overlook. It could take the way you manage expenses to a whole new level.