System And Interface Design Helps To Keep Things Easy

System And Interface Design Helps To Keep Things EasyWhen implementing an automated expense reporting program, ExpensePoint, for example, and switching from the traditional method of manually filing reports, it is important that the program being chosen has an easy to use system and interface. Not everyone is technically minded, and the program should make the lives of each employee easier without creating confusion.

A company should seek out a trustworthy and recognized program that will keep their information secure, but that also offers support as well as an easy to use design that allows employees to learn to use the program quickly and efficiently. This design should be straightforward and provide a way for all employees to benefit from digitally filing their expense reports, meaning that all steps are clearly marked and the upload process is a simple one.

This easy design should go for all aspects of the program, and if the program uses mobile apps as well as a PC program, the mobile app should be kept just a simple as the main program itself. The mobile application will be used on the go, when time may not be available to seek support, and in order to take advantage of the benefits of the system an employee should be able to easily learn how to use it.

Receipt imaging should be kept simple as well, as this benefit is one of the ones that make automated expense reporting so beneficial. Employees should be able to easily take a picture of their receipts and upload them onto their report without fuss, so that their reports can be filed, approved, and reimbursed in a more timely fashion. If a program has receipt imaging capabilities that are too complicated, it can make the feature more of a hassle than it may be worth.

For optimal use, automated expense reporting programs should be kept simple, so that all employees can reap the benefits of the convenience automated expense reporting provides. The simplest automated expense reporting programs are also the most user friendly expense reporting programs, and these programs give the most positive experiences to employees and managers alike!