Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer

Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer

Take A Picture, It’ll Last LongerOne thing that is both necessary and at the same tedious when it comes to expense reports with employees traveling is receipts. Things like business dinners, car rentals and the day to day purchases for everything from lunch to tooth paste all need to be accounted for, and that often means making sure the proof of purchase, the humble receipt, has been properly documented.

In the past, this has meant diligent employees undertook the kind of behavior that some might consider obsessive compulsive, asking for a receipt on every last purchase, even that tin of shoe polish that might have been bought at a small corner market stall. Those receipts would then have to be safely stored for the duration of the trip, and, when it came time to come home, be brought out and filed up along with the expense report, either gathered and stapled along with the report itself, or photocopied before being paired with the remaining expenses report.

All in all, this method was slow, tedious and made for a lot of paperwork and handling not just for the employees, but the financial departments that had to handle all these incoming documents. Today, there’s a better solution, and most people already have it right in their hands. A smartphone.

Photographic Evidence

A reproduction has always been an acceptable substitute for producing the original purchase receipt, and while photocopies got the job done, using a scanner to digitally scan the receipt into an electronic file was more efficient as it provided a digital version. However, a scanner had the same physical demands as a photocopier, in that required access to office equipment.

Now, thanks to the advances in mobile technology, the modern phone has a camera with resolution high enough that it’s possible to take a perfectly acceptable photograph of a purchase receipt, and use this for expense reporting purposes. This is a far more convenient and easy solution that an employee will have little trouble implementing, and being able to do it on the spot when a receipt arrives makes it even easier to more properly document expenses accurately.

Keeping receipts gathered in a pile in a hotel room can often lead to the occasional lost or misplaced receipt. There’s obviously no malice in it, but with potentially dozens of small pieces of paper that all look identical in a large pile, it’s very easy for one or two to escape notice. With a photograph of the receipt, there’s no more worry about misplaced, minor purchases. Everything can be preserved within moments of when it happens.