Take Advantage Of Your Employee’s Phones

Take Advantage Of Your Employee’s Phones

Take Advantage Of Your Employee’s PhonesOne of the great things about the new century we live in is the way technology has unexpectedly changed things we never gave much thought to. In the 20th century, the phone was a clunky communication box that was confined to your home or office and it could only do one thing; communicate. Today, the “smartphone” earns its name by actually being a portable, handheld computer that can do everything a computer can, and still allow people to communicate, though this can now be through voice, text or even video chat.

Over the last 10 years, the smartphone has become ubiquitous in most people’s lives. It’s very difficult in any major city to find someone that DOESN’T own some form of this device. Which is why, if you have staff in your company that you send off on business trips, you should use this fact to your advantage with your expense reports.

There’s An App For That

The latest expense report software isn’t just for your computer. It has the flexibility to scale down to an employee’s smartphone. In fact, in many cases, this isn’t an example of needing to cut functionality in order to get the software to work on a less powerful platform, the phone itself is the primary platform to get the most out of the software.

For example, apps like ExpensePoint’s own expense report software work in conjunction with the camera on the phone. This means that rather than requiring employees to keep receipts for later documentation as proof of purchase, they can snap an image as soon as the receipt is issued. This also means that the app itself acts as the expense report form, so it can be quickly filled out in just a few seconds, on the spot, rather than wait until the end of the trip, gather up the receipts, and either fill out a form, or start adding names and figures into a spreadsheet program.

Your employees have a powerful, efficient tool for work and communication that they carry with them all the time. Let your expense report software take advantage of the fact!