The Benefits Of Automated Expense Report Tracking

Business man working with a digital tabletIt’s not hard to understand why keeping track of your employee’s expense reports is so important. Making sure that your employees who work on the road are able to turn in their expenses is a key part of keeping them happy and bringing in the profits your company needs to move forward. But there are plenty of different things that can make it difficult to keep track of an expense report the proper way. Things like losing receipts, inaccurate reports, and much more can lead to serious hassles and even noncompliance issues – much like senators Patrick Brazeau and Mac Harb were recently charged with. Luckily, using software programs that automate the process can help.


Here are some of the key benefits that switching over to automated expense report tracking through programs like ExpensePoint.


  • Less WorkEvery minute that you or your employees spend trying to enter information into the system, keep track of the information, and file that info is a minute that could be spent on something else – like making your company money. Automated tracking means less work, which in turn means better overall productivity from you and your entire team. That can help your company improve its bottom line in a big way. 


  • Fewer Mistakes Making a mistake on an expense report can be a serious issue and lead to major non-compliance fines, fees, and penalties. Plus, it can make it harder for you to track those expenses and get an accurate idea of just what areas need to be addressed. Automated tracking means fewer mistakes all around. 


  • More FlexibilityTake one look at the tools featured in programs like those at and you’ll notice a huge range of powerful tools and features. Things like receipt imaging, credit card integration, compatibility with mobile apps, and more are all things that traditional expense report software programs just can’t offer. 


  • Easier FilingFinally, good tracking software lets you keep up with everything from an individual report to the receipts on a claim and beyond. Instead of mountains of paperwork, you’ll be able to easily manage all the records associated with your employee expenses.


There are numerous options out there for tracking expense reports, but for many the use of automated reporting has become the standard, and with good reason. The points above are only four of the key reasons that you owe it to yourself and your business to consider what this powerful, flexible option can offer to you.