The Foundation Of A Good Online Expense Program

The Foundation Of A Good Online Expense Program

The Foundation Of A Good Online Expense ProgramGetting the best results for your company means making sure that you have all the right tools on your side. Software solutions can help, and using an online expense program is a key part of streamlining the way that your business works so that your employees can turn in the best possible performance.

One thing that is important to look at when choosing and using an online expense program is the various features offered by it. However, it’s also important to make sure that your program has the right foundation in place.

What does this mean? It refers to the various tools and functions that the program is built from. Without a solid foundation, those features don’t matter as much so it’s important to check to ensure that your system is set up in the right way. Here are some of the key things you’ll want your online expense program to have.

  • Variable Permissions – Be sure that you can set various permissions and levels of access for each user. In doing so, you’ll allow them to use exactly the level of features that they should. Variable permissions are a must if you want your company’s employees to have the best level of control over the system.
  • Offline Functionality – It’s true that you’ll want a program that offers online connectivity at all times. But it’s also important that if your team is in an area without internet connectivity like an airplane or a Wi-Fi dead zone that they can still work on their expense reports. Then, when they re-enter an area with access they can upload their work.
  • Approval Workflow – Good approval workflow means being able to set up multi or single user approver environments. It also means that approving and denying claims is a simple process that won’t take your team much effort, which in turn speeds up and simplifies the process and boosts your productivity.
  • Multiple Currency Performance – Your company may operate over borders. If so, it uses a variety of different currencies. Being able to set up your expense software so that it handles multiple currencies is a key element of having a good system in place.

These are just a few of the best fundamentals to have in an online expense program. Additional features are important too, but it begins with the right foundation. Make sure your program has it.