The Key Features In Your Expense Reporting Software

WorkingIf you have employees who regularly work on the road, the chances are pretty good that you have to manage travel expenses for them on a regular basis. While managing expenses isn’t that difficult in theory, there are plenty of hurdles that can make it much more difficult. That’s why turning to good online expense reporting software is such a good idea. It can streamline your expense reporting process, reduce errors, improve productivity, and let you take a closer look at who is spending what. If you’re considering investing in a program like ExpensePoint, be sure that you take a close look at the following key features.

• Mobile Functionality – An expense mobile app is one of the key features that your on the go employees will appreciate. It lets them photograph receipts, upload them to the system, and eliminates the hassles of keeping track of receipts while on the go.

• Online Performance – Online expensing software is unquestionably the way to go. Using a web based program means that you can actually access the information from anywhere and that your employees can too. This means they can upload their expense report forms on the go and you can review, approve, and monitor those expenses on a regular basis.

• Exchange Features – If you do foreign business frequently, you’ll want your system to automatically convert foreign currency into your home currency. This way there is no chance of mistakes in the conversion process.

• Maximum Flexibility – Being able to take total control of your expense reports is important, and the more tools and flexibility you have, the better. With things like by the line editing, paperless functionality, single or multi stage approval settings, and more, you’ll be able to take full control of your expense reporting.

• Easy, Accurate Reports – You’ll also want to be able to call up reports and filter your results accordingly. With detailed reporting you can look at information by the individual employee, by the department, and more. It makes it easy to see where your money is being spent and determine what changes – if any – you need to make.

• Credit Card Compatibility – Plenty of companies utilise credit cards on a regular basis to help manage their employee expenses and pay for those costs. With credit card integration built into your online expense reporting software it’s easy to keep track of all credit card charges and manage them accordingly.

A good program like ExpensePoint makes it easy to manage your company’s travel expenses and ensures that you get the maximum level of productivity each day.