The Link Between Reporting Expenses And Reimbursement Fraud

The Link Between Reporting Expenses And Reimbursement Fraud

The Link Between Reporting Expenses And Reimbursement FraudOne of the truths about corporate fraud is that it is an opportunistic crime. This means that an otherwise trustworthy employee, if given the chance, will act in some self serving manner that can also negatively impact the company. The major issue is that employees who do engage in dishonesty when reporting expenses, also do not consider the consequences.

Unfortunately, padding receipts and faking costs when reporting expenses is considered innocent by the majority of the workforce. Some of the less than honest practices that are engaged in can include faking one larger receipt instead of going through the trouble of collecting and then submitting a stack of receipts when reporting expenses. Although this action is not always motivated by greed, it can still generate an aura of dishonesty that will also damage employee reputation.

Automated expense management provides a viable solution to both the truly innocent, and to those who suspect the not so innocent. One useful feature is the receipt capture ability that allows mobile devices to photograph, upload, and submit any receipt at the time of transaction. In this manner, employees who are actually trustworthy, but are only cutting corners to improve their efficiency, can benefit from proper documentation as well as streamlined productivity while on the road.

For accounting departments, this also moves the workload along more quickly, by reducing the actual paperwork involved in reporting expenses. Further, automated systems will generate routine expense reports based on the parameters that are set by administrators, and this can filter the information to uncover possible trends of opportunistic dishonesty.

Finally, since the use of travel time to gain unlawful reimbursements is the result of feeling as though they can get away with it, employees who are aware of automation in expense management also become less likely to attempt the theft.