The Paperless Expense Report Revolution

Paperless expenseIt’s so easy today to assume that you need to keep a hardcopy on file of everything in your business – from the business’s tax info to employee tax info and beyond. And while hardcopies are sometimes required, there are also areas that allow you to go totally paperless if you want. One area that’s worth thinking about moving into the paperless realm is the expense report.

Letting your employees and your business move to a paperless model makes a lot more sense than some may think. If you’re looking for a way to improve your expense report process, consider the following benefits of using software like ExpensePoint.

Less ClutterYour office already has too much clutter, and filing cabinets are filled with various bits of information. Instead of cramming even more into them, using good software lets you cut down the clutter by storing all data and reports digitally.

Better Record-keepingThat digital filing system means that you can quickly access any past reports and records with a few simple mouse clicks and keystrokes. Instead of having to dig through mountains of paperwork, you’ll get the info you need fast.

Less ErrorsLet’s face it – nobody is perfect. It’s easy to make mistakes in calculations, filing, and more when you’re doing things the old fashioned way. With a software program that handles your expense report process, those errors are reduced in a tremendous way and make it easy for you to handle your reports without stress.

Easier For EmployeesAsk your employees what they hate about managing their reports, and they’ll likely give you plenty of different answers. But the hassle involved usually stands out. Things like keeping track of receipts and turning in paperwork when they finally return to the office can be a huge headache. But with a good program, there’s no need to keep those receipts since they can be photographed and uploaded. Everything goes paperless, so it’s less work for you and your employees.

Better AnalyzationThis is one that most people don’t even consider until they experience it. Instead of just accepting reports and filing them away, why not use the information to get a better look at who is spending what, whether or not it’s bringing about good results, and more? With paperless software, you can call up corporate spending reports and take a close look at your business.

There are plenty of other features available from good expense report programs, and looking at features on sites like will help you see those benefits. But the paperless revolution is a key benefit, and one that you can’t ignore if you want to move your business into the future.