The Top Expense Report Software Features For The Traveling Employee

The Top expenseYour employees are an important part of your business, and if they’re on the go – whether in sales, marketing, or something else entirely – the odds are that they have to file expense reports with you. And when they’re on the go regularly, using expense report software is important. There are a few different features worth looking at in these cases. Most sites, like, will list their features openly for you to review. Be sure to find programs that offer the following.


  • Currency ConversionRecently, compliance issues were thrust back into the headlines with the charges brought against two Canadian Senators after they were found to have misreported their expenses. Currency conversion issues are a bit different, but are also one of the biggest sources of risk in terms of falling out of compliance. With new attention being paid to compliance, currency conversion that is handled automatically by expense report software is an important consideration. 


  • Mobile AccessWith more people than ever before relying on their smart phones and tablet devices than ever before, it makes sense that investing in a program that offers the chance to use those devices to upload reports is a good idea. 


  • Credit Card IntegrationBeing able to import a corporate or personal credit card into the system makes it easier to manage all of your company’s expenses and finances. It’s a feature that programs like ExpensePoint now offer, and one that many people take advantage of regularly.


  • Offline FunctionalityWhile online expense report software is the key to really getting the most from what it offers, knowing that employees can still access the program offline when in areas that don’t have internet access – like airplanes, for example – means that you know your workers can still do what they need to do even in those internet dead spots. 


There are plenty of other features a good program will offer, but the four listed above are important for companies with employees who travel frequently. If you need a great program, look at the ones that offer these features and more to ensure you get the most from your money.