Third company roll-out and it continues to improve and impress.

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Food Production, 201-500 employees
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Source: Capterra

Pros: Intuitive, even for team members who have not undertaken any formal tutorials or training. Team loves the functionality of taking pictures of receipts on the go and submitting reports even when on the road. Reporting allows us to ensure that submitted reports are reviewed, approved and paid on a timely basis.

Cons: We are still working to fully customize the software to properly track units of measure (number of attendees, nights, car rental days, etc.) but the occasional miss is not a material con.

Overall: Elimination of paper receipts, automation of account coding, simple tool for users which encouraged adoption and prompt approval and payment of employee funded receipts which also encourage adoption. Electronic workflow ensures proper approvals and accountability.

Vendor Response

by ExpensePoint on November 20, 2017

Dear ExpensePoint Client, Thank you for your great review of ExpensePoint; we certainly appreciate the positive feedback. I am also very confident that our team will be able to accomplish all your requirements for the items that you point out i.e. number of attendees, nights, car rental days, etc, as I know the system is capable of handling those requirements already. We will work with you in configuring the system to ensure that these items are properly tracked. We are privileged to have you as a client. Kind regards, Paul Ansloos – President