Top 3 Benefits Of Having Receipt Imaging Within Your Expense Reporting Software

Top 3 Benefits Of Having Receipt Imaging Within Your Expense Reporting Software

Top 3 Benefits Of Having Receipt Imaging Within Your Expense Reporting SoftwarePaper trails have been known to disappear, on more than one occasion. The task of keeping up with receipts, while traveling for business purposes, is of the utmost importance, but it is also a tedious task. Expense reporting software makes the lives of employees, and employers alike easier, but having receipt imaging available, provides its own unique set of benefits.

Receipt Imaging Benefits

  • Reduced Paper Trails– By reducing the amount of paperwork for employees to have to keep up with, employers will ensure that paperwork is not lost. The amount of resources, that have to be used, to try and account for missing expenses, can be focused towards more productive aspects of your business. In the technological era, pictures and the web, are the norm, so receipt imaging can be easily incorporated into an employee’s routine.
  • Fraud Becomes Harder To Commit– Giving people the benefit of the doubt, is what most people try to do, but business owners can not afford to think in this manner. Having reliable expense reporting software, with receipt imaging, can reduce these instances. Regardless of whether the fraud was intended intentionally, or not, it costs the business money, which should be avoided at all costs.
  • Saving The World, One Receipt At A Time– Receipt imaging goes far beyond just making life easier. Going paperless will reduce other business expenses as well. Less ink, toner, and paper will have to be bought, helping out your bottom line. Trees are cut down at an alarming rate, each and every day, for the production of paper. The amount of discarded paper that fills landfills, is constantly growing, but going paperless reduces this process.

Expense Reporting Software Made Simple

Complicated, stressful, and time consuming, are all words used to describe expense reporting in the past. Receipt imaging helps to reduce these problems, should they arise. With the few swipes of your finger, you can capture an image the expense receipt, and be done with the worrisome process. The image is then easily sent to the proper channels for processing, and you can attend to more important business matters at hand.