Top Expense Streamlining Tools A Web Based Expense Report Program Offers

Top Expense Streamlining Tools A Web Based Expense Report Program Offers

Top Expense Streamlining Tools A Web Based Expense Report Program OffersWhen you have a team of employees who travel regularly for your business, it becomes apparent that tracking and managing their expenses while they’re on the go is a must. Today, most companies use a web based expense report program to help make the process a little bit simpler. Thanks to these programs, it’s possible to avoid a lot of the hassle, reduce errors, and stay on the right side of compliance regulations.

One of the key reasons that a web based expense report program is so important for any business is that it offers numerous tools that can help streamline the way you manage expenses. By streamlining the entire process, you reduce errors and improve the simplicity associated with the work. This in turn means that your employees are able to focus more on their work than on keeping up with things like receipts or with balancing the expense claims forms they turn in.

With that in mind, here are a few of the top tools a good web based expense report program should offer you for streamlining your expense reporting process.

  • Receipt Imaging – A good online program that connects to mobile phones will allow your team to upload images of their receipts instantly. This lets you review and approve expenses on the fly, and helps them avoid the need to keep track of countless stacks of receipts.
  • Credit Card Integration – This is a big one, and one that’s often overlooked. When your expense program syncs up with your credit card accounts, you can instantly apply, approve, and manage expenses related to those accounts. It cuts out a lot of red tape and an extra step in the process, and makes it much easier to manage your information.
  • Currency Conversion – With today’s shrinking business world, it’s all too common to find that your team has to head across international borders for work. That could mean different currencies are being used, and it’s often challenging to keep track of currency conversion and taxes. But with the right program on your side, you don’t have to handle the process at all.

These are just three different features offered by the best web based expense report program options out there. Be sure you only utilize an online system since the features above won’t even be possible with a system that isn’t web-based.