Top Overlooked Features That Can Streamline Managing Expense Reports

Business ConceptBusiness management can take a lot of work, and there are plenty of tools and technologies out there designed to help. One of the biggest hassles that a company will deal with on a regular basis is that of expense reports. Managing these reports takes a lot of time, energy, and attention. But today, software programs exist that help with the entire process. And while most of these programs offer some basic features that can help streamline processes and simplify management of expense reports, there are several overlooked features offered by top-tier programs like ExpensePoint that should be given a bit of attention as well. They may not be as well known, but once you experience them you’ll likely never want to be without them.


Here are some of the features you should investigate further when looking for a good way to manage your expense reports. 


  • Online and Offline CapabilitiesThe world is moving into the cloud, and online software means that you and your employees can upload expense report info from anywhere, review it, approve it, and much more. It just simplifies the process. But offline is important too, so that your employees can still upload info while in no-internet areas. A program that offers both options is a good idea. 


  • Credit Card IntegrationWhether you have a corporate card you give to employees or some other method of using credit as an expense management tool, being able to integrate credit cards into the system is important. 


  • Multiple CurrenciesCompanies that do business in other countries need to be able to convert currency fast and easily. Software that is designed for expense reports should provide a way to easily adjust for different currencies. 


  • Mobile IntegrationYour employees likely have smart phones and tablets, and using a good program that allows them to integrate their mobile devices and use them to file expense reports is a great idea. 


  • Receipt ScanningThis is one that is absolutely indispensable for most who try it. Instead of having to deal with huge stacks of paper receipts, the best expense report programs can actually allow you and your employees to scan receipts or take photos of them, upload them into the system, and do away with the paper copies for good. 


  • ReportsWhile the process of uploading and storing information is the basis of any program, being able to view analysis reports, filter by employee, expense type, and other filter, and call up other reports at once is important for making any adjustments you may feel are needed to your company strategy. 


If you’re looking for a better way to handle your company’s expense reporting, the right software can help. Look at options like those at, compare different options, and investigate the special, often ignored features above. You may be surprised by just how powerful, versatile, and useful these programs can be for your business.