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Take a quick tour of ExpensePoint and see how easily and efficiently your expense report process can be automated.

The 1 minute Tour

Take a quick tour of ExpensePoint and see how easily and efficiently your expense report process can be automated. After watching, feel free to Book A Demo.

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Create & Submit

Creating and submitting expense reports with ExpensePoint is quick and easy. ExpensePoint's easy to use interface allows employees to create expense reports and add expenses in no time. You can also import your company's credit card transactions directly into ExpensePoint making the whole process almost effortless. And yes you can fax, email or upload scanned receipt images to the report.

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Review & Approve

The approval process is a snap! Approvers are automatically notified when reports have been submitted for approval. Once logged in the approver can see the whole report and all accompanying imaged receipts, and also any out of policy expenses. Approvers can approve the entire report in a single click and can decline any line item.

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Tour ExpensePoint Mobile™

ExpensePoint Mobile™

ExpensePoint goes where you go. Now with ExpensePoint’s companion mobile app you can manage your expense report process right from your mobile device. Create and approve reports easy and quickly, and even manage your corporate credit card transactions. You can also add images to each expense using your built-in mobile device camera. Now that’s expense reporting made easy!

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Creating Reports

Creating reports with ExpensePoint Mobile is simple. With this easy to use interface users can quickly create expenses and add photo images of receipts to each expense item. You can even have your corporate credit card transactions flow directly through to the ExpensePoint application and add them to your expense report effortlessly.

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Approving Reports

Approving expense reports is a breeze with ExpensePoint Mobile. As soon as you log into the application ExpensePoint Mobile will display how many reports require your review. With the various view options you can easily review the entire report or individual line item details, with supporting receipts and approve line by line or at the whole report level. It’s expense report management at your fingertips.

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