Are Travel And Subsistence Expense Reports Causing Undue Burden On Your Enterprise?

Are Travel And Subsistence Expense Reports Causing Undue Burden On Your Enterprise?

Are Travel And Subsistence Expense Reports Causing Undue Burden On Your Enterprise?Has your enterprise been doing more and more business travel over the last several years? Are you working on strategic partnerships that might require members of your team to return to a location abroad on a regular basis?

If so, it’s time to streamline the travel process in any way possible. An easy and efficient travel process will help to ensure that the morale of business travelers is not negatively impacted by the logistics involved.

Expense reports for travel, and other issues, can be complicated. It is important to evaluate whether each member of the traveling team has the skills necessary to succeed when working with these matters — all while connecting effectively with overseas colleagues.

Evaluate your team members by asking the following questions:

1) Do They Find Travel A “Boost” Or A Burden?

Many people greatly enjoy travel, even business travel. They find it to be a sign of the trust that the enterprise places in them. They always find ways to enjoy their temporary location, even if they must use their own money.

Others find travel extremely draining. They might have issues that prevent them from really adapting to the new location because of the heavy burden of racing from one flight to another, waiting for flights, and so on.

2) Are They Familiar With Travel Expense Reports And Other Matters?

It’s important that everyone who travels be aware of the specific regulatory issues that apply to them. Software can make much of this very easy, but they still need to remember to log in to said software and maintain basic records until their data goes online.

Anyone who travels for business needs to be especially diligent about these issues, since there are major regulatory consequences for failure. If they are not detail-oriented, then they might make mistakes and feel that the company itself is “at fault.”

3) Are They Insightful Toward Other Countries And Cultures?

A good deal of understanding about other peoples is critical when it comes to conducting business abroad. It’s a good idea to select decision-makers who have truly high “emotional intelligence” so they can perform at their utmost.

On the other hand, some people find the inherent ambiguity of dealing with other cultures to be somewhat unnerving. They may be fine with, for example, the travel expense reports, but unable to interpret the conflicting signals they could get from colleagues.

Of all of these issues, expense reports are the easiest for your enterprise to streamline. Adopt software that makes travel expenses easier to deal with, and you can focus on training travelers and giving them opportunities to shine.